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“Embrace Mistakes, Forge Ahead with Resilience”

– Aatish G Nair

Aatish G Nair



Aatish has a passion for solving problems using technology and is dedicated to making a positive impact in
the industry.

Entrepreneur & Developer.

Aatish G Nair is a tech entrepreneur and software developer based in Kerala, India. He founded his own
IT/software solution company at the age of 15 and has a passion for solving problems using technology.
Aatish shares his knowledge and experience through his YouTube channel and is also working on building a
startup called Spectma. He is dedicated to making a positive impact in the tech industry and is
well-equipped to continue achieving great things in the future.

Aatish G Nair is a young and ambitious tech entrepreneur based in Kerala, India. At just 11 years old,he
started his first business, at 15 he founded his own IT/software solution company, 10G SPECTRUM. Aatish’s
entrepreneurial journey began at a young age, and it was his vision, hard work, and perseverance that
allowed him to start his own company at such a young age.

In addition to running his company, Aatish is also known for his programming skills and has a passion for
solving problems using technology. He shares his knowledge and experience through his YouTube channel,
which has gained a following of over 1,000+ subscribers and has received more than 18,000+ views on its
videos. Aatish’s channel features over 100 videos on topics related to programming, freelancing, and
tech-related content. His passion for teaching and sharing knowledge is evident through his content, which
is well-received by his viewers.

Aatish is a self-taught individual who is driven by his passion for what he does and is dedicated to his
work. He has a strong desire to learn and adapt on his own, and he is committed to putting in the effort
needed to achieve success. In addition to running his company and teaching programming through his YouTube
channel, Aatish is also working on building a startup called Spectma. This startup aims to provide
innovative solutions for businesses and individuals through the use of technology.

Aatish’s dedication to his work and his passion for technology have allowed him to achieve great things at
a young age. He is a prime example of how hard work and determination can lead to success, even in a
competitive and fast-paced industry like tech. Aatish’s strong foundation in programming and his desire to
constantly learn and improve have undoubtedly contributed to his success, and he is well-equipped to
continue achieving great things in the future.

With his dedication, determination, and passion for technology, Aatish is well-equipped to continue
achieving great things and making a positive impact in the tech industry. He is a highly skilled and
reliable professional who always strives for excellence, and his work and efforts are sure to continue
making a difference in the world. Aatish’s determination and drive to succeed are an inspiration to
others, and he is sure to continue achieving great things in the future.

Global Reach

My expertise has crossed borders and reached diverse communities worldwide. With clients from different
continents, I have formed strong partnerships and contributed to projects worldwide.

World Map


Aatish is a highly accomplished and self-taught individual with a remarkable journey in the world of
technology. His passion for coding started at the age of 10, and since then, he has embarked on multiple
online business ventures, gaining valuable experience along the way. While some ventures encountered
challenges, many have been successful, shaping his entrepreneurial spirit.

+ Satisfied Clients

+ Successful Projects

+ Hours of Dedicated Support

+ Recognized Certifications


I am proud to have completed courses and earned certifications from reputable organizations and
universities. Here are some of the certifications I have earned:

Google Certification

Meta (Formerly Facebook) Certification


University of Michigan Certification


Disclaimer: The certifications mentioned on this website are earned through reputable platforms like Coursera.
The logos used here are solely for the purpose of representing my qualifications and expertise. There is no
intent to claim any official endorsement or affiliation with the respective companies or institutions. All
trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners.

Book Publications

As an author passionate about technology and freelancing, I am excited to share my latest publications that
provide valuable insights and expertise in various tech-related domains.

Book 1 Cover

THE ULTIMATE YOUTUBE SEO GUIDE: Tips & Tricks on How to Increase Views
and Rankings for your Online Videos (English Edition)

This comprehensive guide delves into the world of YouTube SEO, offering valuable insights and
techniques to enhance the visibility and rankings of your online videos.

Book 2 Cover

Freelancer as a Career

This book is currently in writing and will be published soon.

Upcoming Events

Join me in these upcoming events where we will discuss various topics related to technology, freelancing,
and career growth.




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One-on-One Tech Consulting

Get personalized tech consulting from Aatish G Nair to address your specific challenges and achieve your
technology goals.

Tech Consulting

Aatish G Nair offers one-on-one tech consulting services to individuals and businesses seeking expert
guidance in the tech industry. With years of experience as a tech entrepreneur and software developer,
Aatish can provide valuable insights and solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you’re looking to build a web application, optimize your website’s performance, implement cloud
solutions, or explore the latest technologies, Aatish is here to help. Through personalized consultations,
he will assess your requirements, provide strategic advice, and assist in overcoming challenges.

Book a session with Aatish G Nair today and take the next step towards achieving your tech objectives.
With his in-depth knowledge and practical experience, you can gain a competitive edge in the digital


Aatish G Nair is a highly skilled tech entrepreneur and software developer. He has a strong foundation in
programming and a passion for solving problems using technology. Aatish is dedicated to staying current and
up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry and is always seeking to improve his skills. He is a
reliable and talented professional who is committed to delivering high-quality software solutions. In
addition to his technical skills, Aatish is also known for his entrepreneurial skills and his ability to
successfully start and run a business at a young age. His dedication, determination, and passion for what he
does make him well-equipped to continue achieving success in the tech industry.

Technical Skills


HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Node.js, MongoDB

Restful Web Services

Entrepreneurial Skills


Business Management

Problem Solving

Video Vault

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Aatish G Nair offers a range of services in the tech industry through his company, 10G SPECTRUM. Some of
the services that he offers include software development, web design and development, mobile app
development, and digital marketing. Aatish and his team have the expertise and experience to provide
high-quality solutions for businesses and individuals. They are dedicated to delivering exceptional results
and are committed to meeting the needs and goals of their clients. In addition to these services, Aatish is
also available for consulting and mentorship to help others achieve success in the tech industry. He is a
highly skilled and reliable professional who is always striving for excellence and is committed to
delivering the best possible services to his clients.

Web Development

the creation and maintenance of websites and web applications for businesses and organizations.

Content Creation

Content creation services refer to the production of written, visual, or other types of content for use
on websites, social media, or other platforms.

Web Optimization

web optimization services to improve the performance and user experience of websites, with the goal of
increasing traffic and conversion rates.


database services including design, implementation, maintenance, and management of databases for
efficient and effective storage, access, and analysis of data.

Digital Marketing

digital marketing services to promote products or services, reach customers, and engage with audiences
through the use of digital channels and technologies.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO services are a type of digital marketing service that focus on optimizing a website to improve its
ranking in search engine results pages and increase its visibility to potential customers.



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Aatish’s communication level as a seller, as well as the likelihood of recommending him to a friend
and the satisfaction with the service received, all received a perfect rating of 5 out of 5. Overall,
the experience with Aatish as a seller was excellent, and he did a great job!

(5 Stars)

2 reviews

I have not posted any comment before, but I have rated. So, I am writing this. Firstly, I contacted
Aatish G Nair, and I received a message saying they would contact me soon. True to their word, they
got in touch within 30 minutes. During our conversation, they introduced me to their company “10G
SPECTRUM,” and I must say, their services are truly awesome. They provided me with more offers related
to their services, which was a pleasant surprise. Highly recommend their services!

Biju J

(5 Stars)

1 review

I had an amazing experience with Aatish G Nair and the services provided by “10G SPECTRUM” Their
services are truly awesome, and I highly recommend them!

Shebin Benny

(5 Stars)

1 review

Good services and a responsible company.

Sree Lekshmi B

(5 Stars)

1 reviews

I was impressed by the level of professionalism, quality, responsiveness, and value provided by Aatish
G Nair. It was a positive experience overall and I highly appreciate their dedication to these

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Aatish G Nair demonstrated exceptional professionalism, delivering high-quality services with great
responsiveness and value. I was thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the overall experience. Highly

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